As the economics & commerce self-service products business consultant, I had been following Indian economy very closely for last few years. I feel this is the perfect time for MNCs Global IT companies to look at India as its investment destination.
India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has emerged as a key destination for foreign investors in recent years.
Sharing some of the recent market reports about India.
1st among the world fastest growing economies source International Monetary Fund.
1st among the 100 countries on the growth, innovation & leadership source Frost & Sullivan.
1st among the world most attractive destination source Ernst & Young.
1st among the world fastest growing economies in both 2016 & 2017 source Wesp Report 2015.
1st choice for Tech MNCs to set up R&D center’s outside their own countries Source Zinnov Management Consulting
1st among the world top most greenfield FDI destination Source Financial Times.
1st among the 110 Investments destinations polled globally source Foreign Policy Magazine’.
7 th most valued nation brand in the world source Brand Financial Report.
Jumped 12 places higher of doing business 2016 source World Bank.
Moved 16 places on the global competitiveness index 2015/2016 source world economic forum.
India seems to be bright spot among emerging countries states one of the world leading economist and former US treasury secretary Mr. Larry Summers.
IMF chief Christine Lagarde recently mentioned among all the emerging countries if there is any growth, it is in India.
The question to ponder is if things don’t happen now then when?????
Global MNCs can take advantage of factors available in India like competitive labor costs, profitable domestic markets , skilled workforce, abundant natural resources, English as one of the major business languages, India’s location close to markets of South East Asia, Middle East and also Europe, special investments privileges such as tax exemptions etc.
Some of the key advantages ,we feel as the business consultants are as follows, India’s relative position in the global economy has improved tremendously in last one year.
India’s influence in international institutions and negotiating free trade areas has strengthened. Production efficiency in the current economy has improved, and the country has adopted international best practices in the production of a range of goods and services.
India was ranked among the top ten investment destinations by many economists.
Nearly two decades of economic liberalization, along with robust domestic demand, a growing middle class, a young population, and a high return on investment make India a credible investment destination for the global MNCs to look as its investment destination
Economic development has now emerged as the center-focus of any government’s political strategy, which will put India on the front on the global map.
As the business consultants the some of the top reasons why global MNCs should look at India as its investment destination are as follows.
Strong economy, socio economic structure, India has the fourth biggest economy in the world in the area of purchasing power parity,
The country has the fourth biggest economy in the world in the area of purchasing power parity.
India has one of the most numbers of engineers and scientist in Asia and ranks in the top 20 in the area of technology absorption and innovation, professional growing work force, ease to get business license, strong banking presence of countless international banks in the country.
The Indian Software market has shown the highest growth rate among the BRIC countries.
In 2014/15 India registered a growth rate of 8.3% in terms of total revenue according to market research firm Gartner.
According to projected estimates the software market will be worth $ 165 billions by the end of next year. S/W exports revenues predicted for 2016 will grow by 12 to 14% CAGR.
Today India is emphasizing on IT as the result of Digital India Campaign.
Digital India would give boost to IOT, Smart Cities, E-governance, E-literacy, Ecommerce, and Cashless Banking with strengthening and expanding digital infrastructure in India.
The make in India Campaign initiated would steadily lead towards transforming India into global manufacturing hub.
The government of India has announced setting up special economic zones by allowing 100% FDI for promoting IT in the country.
The government is exploring new ways to how to accelerate economic transformation, eliminating unnecessary laws & regulations, streamlining bureaucratic processes and establishing pro innovation and sustainable policies.
There have been strong signals from the Indian government allowing more FDIs in the various sectors to do away with the inverted duty structures for several products.
India also carries the third largest technical and scientific manpower pool, which makes it all more attractive as an investment destination
The Indian government is continuously incorporating new policies to enable global MNCs to invest in India
With its large favorable banking regulations, affordable skilled labor, machinery, rise of purchasing power makes India as one of the most attractive investment destination in the world.
India is likely to become one of the largest economies of the world by the year 2025 as per projections made by internationally renowned consultants and IMF.
Global MNCs Companies around the world would not like to miss the growth opportunities offered by Indian markets and hence some of them are already stepping up their investments and rest are eying India for investments in coming months/ years
India looks poised to enter a secular growth phase in the coming years
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Written by J B Lalla