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Do you know how many blog?
Do you know how many blog?

A brief History of Bloggers.com

Bloggers.com was founded by Park Ik In 2003. Being a branded premium domain, the site has been in the competitive edge from beginning. The site started as a Pinger service, on 2008 Park Ik expanded it as Social Networking Portal with development partnership with a professional American Company.

Bloggers.com has large directory of blogs upholded by crowd-sourced ratings. Quality is our ultimate passion and we have zero tolerance to fake content, spamming and nudity. Our editors verifies and monitors each and every blog.

Bloggers.com achieved its position in the ALEXA TOP 2000 ranked sites, while strongly maintained competitive position from 2004 through 2014. It has well-received footprint over 130 countries around the world. Currently it’s in a state of temporary suspension of the social networking services due to insufficient funds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are you going to sell your bloggers.com site/domain, and trademark?

A: The founder possess the domain to develop, and have declined several substantial offers from various companies. However, serious offer will receive suitable consideration.

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